Your Own Great Central Sun: I Will Meet You There

Your Own Great Central Sun: I will Meet You There

Your own Great Central Sun is the Light within you, the Holy Essence that fills you. It is also that which moves you toward service to the hearts of your brothers and sisters in this hungry world. It also prompts your service to the healing of your own misperceptions of who you are. This Light, according to the Great Masters, is “wisdom, knowledge, power, and above all, love.”

Let go the belief that to serve is to sacrifice. No matter what you have been taught, this is not so. The desire to serve is what ensues when one’s love for life takes root and then rises to bloom in one’s consciousness. The desire to serve is also our responsibility. Once awakened, the mantle of responsibility, or the ability to respond, is worn easily and effortlessly; it is never a burden because it, too, ensues out of our love for life.

It is time now – right now – to be the Light that you are. No more dallying or flitting around. For never before in the history of our human existence has such a moment as this been available to us. We are being flooded with the Light and Love of a million suns, and this unprecedented infusion is opening pathways and portals for YOU, the person reading this, to walk upon and to move through. No, not to leave the world behind, but to be here now, to declare the greatness of the creation of the world you most wish to see and be a part of. Now is the time for us to say “Yes” to the grand invitation for the sake of the All, the One we all are, and for our blessed Mother Earth as well. Out of her Elements are we made. She, along with the Great Central Sun of the Heart of God, sustains our being and offers the invitation. Today, in the midst of the appearance of drama, tragedy, and great suffering, just say “Yes!” in your heart to your own Light, your own Great Central Sun.

I am reminded of Rumi, who wrote, “Out Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” Say “Yes!” my brother. Say “Yes!” my sister. I will meet you there.

I love you with all my heart.

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