Peace Has Been Declared: The End of Franticy as I Know It?

Peace Has Been Declared: The End of Franticy as I Know It? 30 November 2010

Yesterday’s news: 1) My “new” car needs work to the tune of at least $1100; 2) I don’t have “that kind of money” (interesting phrase we use); 3) I’m not panicked and have mostly stayed in a posture of observation paired with curiosity about what will occur to make the repairs possible.

Preceding yesterday’s news, the following words were heard at 6:30 a.m. This, too, is a curiosity that has stayed with me:

“Peace has been declared.”

Where did this come from? What does it mean? I’m not just curious, I’m somehow in a state of receptivity, of acceptance, of just wondering. One obvious thing to me is that the statement has everything to do with my response to the news about the car and the immediate move into Observer when I was shown the undercarriage and what might be called “the serious situation in the Gulf.” The culprit here being not BP, but Toyota. In the end, though, leaking oil is still – well, leaking oil, and in both cases, more hemorrhaging than leaking. I simply seem to be waiting in the mild manner of Clark Kent to see what will unfold in this newly revealed “What Is.”

As has been true every year for at least the past twenty, I’m now well into this year’s birthday passage. (You may have noticed my blog category called “Birthday Passages”). Annually, around and about December 8th, a rather large piece (occasionally more than one) of healing work shows up for me to somehow manage to live through, paddle through, or walk through. Last year’s bigger piece came as a physical and emotional experience in the wee hours of December 3rd. The passage had to do with my becoming an “Anchor Point of Light” as a means of holding Light for this geographical area. (You could call it an addition to my job description.) I heard, on that early December morning, “Amy Lou, this is a day of monumental proportions.” When I asked who was telling me this, I heard, “This is Gabriel; your friend Jesus asked me to share this news with you.” Yeah, right. But somehow I knew it was true, so I accepted and received the annunciation.

Don’t go off into wondering if I’m out of my mind, delusional with a side dish of grandeur. No such thing. This is just something that’s going on all over the world right now. As we each increase our vibrational frequency of light, we become more like a beacon and have to adjust to living in a higher vibration. And let me tell you, friend, it ain’t easy! But this is not what I came here to talk about today. (And by the way, I’m supposed to be researching and writing an article about Sir Walter Raleigh, due December 8th. And what am I doing instead???) Given that peace has been declared, it seems to me that this man, twice imprisoned in the Tower of London (beheaded after the last time) can just wait awhile. I’ll get back to you, Wally, I promise.

I’m wondering if yesterday’s declaration of peace is this year’s annunciation and heralds the next phase of light-work, maybe that of embodying my own light to the extent of living more in the realm of observation than the realm of (oh, I’ve made up a new word) “franticy” (soft “c”), that state of frantically making up stories, fantasies that serve fear and chaos, not peace. Franticy has been my sidekick (hmm, I wonder what Wally’s was?) for many, many moons. If it’s true that peace has been declared, then franticy has been transmuted, has been burned away.

Transmutation is the process by which something is returned to its original Truth, or nature, which happens for us humans through a sort of burning away of all that isn’t true, the small-storied and so-called “realities” we collectively and individually hold to. Small-storied, meaning our declared circumstance and belief having all the marks of reality while rooted in the lock-stock-and-barrel, mass consciousness illusion of separation. In other words, the “reality” of the necessity of pain and suffering that really is optional, since we are the ones who create it out of our fear of one another (and, I might add, God) rather than from the Ultimate Reality we exist in and of: Oneness and Love.

In a recent conversation about the difference between transformation and transmutation, my friend spoke of the word “expiate.” She said that the late sixteenth century definition of expiate is “to end (rage, sorrow, etc.) by suffering it to the full.” (I’ll pause while you take that in.)

Clearly, I have been in a process of transmutation, or expiation, my entire life.

When I heard yesterday’s bigger news, peace has been declared, I had been writing a letter in my journal to Great Oneness/Great Spirit. This is how I began the letter…

I do still rise and fall more than I want to. How I wish you were more like REAL GOOD parents I could come to and where I’d feel no shame in bringing (like laundry) my unmet needs that I need help in meeting. I wish I could just come and sit on your lap and be held when I get scared and worried. How do I trust “you” (whatever you are) to help me? I apparently still need a lot of help; I’m not as much a grown-up as I think I should be. So here I am, once again coming to the idea I have of you as that mossy hillside I wrote about in my blog recently, the place I want to lay down my burdens, my idols, in this case that of self-reliance, and the sense of shame grown from dis-abilities, a place all “tangled up in blue.”*

What followed the letter is the exchange that led to this year’s annunciation. My responses to my Authentic (Higher) Self are within <>…

Fear not. The angels of the Lord are with you.

<well, maybe=”” they’re=”” with=”” me=”” -=”” and=”” don’t=”” get=”” wrong,=”” i=”” appreciate=”” the=”” company,=”” but,=”” meaning=”” no=”” disrespect,=”” how=”” <span=”” class=”hiddenGrammarError” pre=”how “>does the presence of angels help me pay the bills?>

Oh, ye of little faith. The angels deliver the glad tidings; the angels rejoice ahead of you at the wonders you will experience; the angels sing songs of faith into your ears. (Angels are not all other-worldy; remember, some walk beside you as friends, known and unknown.)

<“Yet in the dark and cold of things, there always, always something sings.”**>

Yes, always something sings. What do you have to sing about, beloved light?

At this point in the exchange, I closed my eyes and said to my Higher Self, “I really don’t want to be making up words on a page, if that’s what I’m doing. Just genuinely speak to me.” In the ensuing three-quarters of a minute, these words clearly came into my mind: “Peace has been declared.” I was stopped in my tracks. And in my worries. Like in the midst of some sort of cease fire, I was in the “pause” between. It was clear to me that I could not ignore such a statement. It wasn’t “me” (personality Amy) who had made it; yet, it was clearly Me.

Now I’ve been as Me for more than a day. The franticy is somewhere else. And it’s my hope that it has been transmuted and that this is more than a pause, more than a cease fire moment. Time will tell. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the revelation of how the situation in the Gulf will resolve now that peace has been declared.

As my friend, Bolton Anthony with Second Journey says . . .

Peace and all good things,


*a phrase borrowed from Bob Dylan’s song of the same name
** a song from the group, Libera, called “Something Sings”

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