Why This Blog?

To Be of Use . . .

This blog serves several purposes for me and I believe it is time to speak of one of them that directly relates to my readers.For those of you who know me this will come as no surprise.

As a Spiritual Counselor and teacher of Consciousness Evolution, and as an individual who works diligently on behalf of my own Whole-ing/healing, I strongly believe that it is important to make an example of my life for others who experience emotional, physical,and spiritual struggles along The Way, as in “The Way of All Life” (literal translation of the words Tao te Ching). My life, like yours, certainly contains challenges and struggles. For me to be successful in the midst of great struggle means that I continue to choose to rise and sing, to reach and teach, and to find Wonder in this world. This is what I do. And for me, the Wonder part is effortless; if we have eyes to see, Wonder finds us in each and every moment.

When my Higher Self communicates with me on paper/screen, I sometimes  feel embarrassed about posting the exchange, yet I know how important it can be to me to read the words of fellow teachers I admire who also share something of their own struggles. I am buoyed by their honesty and their perseverance and it is an honor to walk amongst such brave companions. I trust, then, that it is important and useful for those I serve through my work to know me more fully, and that it both offers hope for their journey and provides a model for living more fully and more intentionally within the inevitable difficulties of life.

It is my hope that the writing shared through this blog will provide you with the will and the courage to both “do the next right thing” (whatever that may be for you at any given time) and to honor the Soul’s journey that your personality self agreed to undertake this time around.

Please share your thoughts about posts you read here by clicking on “Comment”at the bottom of a post.Perhaps, too, If you find meaning in my words, you will consider sharing this blog with others who might also find it useful.  May we all be of use and may we all walk in wonder this day, for there is only this day.

“And still I rise!” (from Maya Angelou)


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